for Acer customers?

Hi i have an Acer laptop & the homepage was pre-set to a special for Acer customers….I seem to have mistakenly lost this homepage & cant seem to get it back. I prefer the Acer one to the regular Anyone have any ideas how i can get it back, with out doin a full eRecovery restore thingy? Does anyone have the exact web address for this site please??? Many Thanks


  1. 株式会THE CITADEL 株式会 says:

    Open up your web browser , click on TOOLS at the top , then click on INTERNET OPTIONS , in the hompage box at the top delete what ever is in there and copy and paste this into the box: . Then click on apply down the bottom , don’t click on use current.

    Try that one.

  3. yahoo for Uk & Ireland

    (just in case)

    *when you designate Yahoo as your home page, it should automatically go to Acer Yahoo on an Acer computer

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