Windows recovery for dell?

Hello im hoping someone can help me out here last year i bought a second hand dell inspiron 1525 laptop the only downfall was that they made recovery disc then lost then so ive got new windows disc but what i would like to do is copy disc then place dell drives then copy it back to a dvd as iso but where would be suitable place for me to place the dell drives in the windows so when i do recovery my dell drivers are there ready thank you if need more info let me know :)
hello (harrybapty) its not that i need recover my stuff thats cool its that i want to place my dell drivers onto my windows disc so then theres only 1 disc so all together my drivers and windows :)


  1. harrybapty says:

    You don’t need to, you can get all your data off the computer by downloading a version of ubuntu and running it as a live cd. This will allow you to get any data off your computer using a usb stick. You should be okay to install windows fresh if you want and either download the drivers for your laptop off the dell site or ask dell for a copy of the drivers which they will send you by cd.

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