Will these laptops run Minecraft?

I’m looking for a new laptop to play Minecraft on and I will also use it for image and video editing. My question is will these laptops run Minecraft on medium – high settings with no lag? And which one is the best to go for? Recommendations would also be helpful around the £500-600 mark. Thanks!





If not, I could build my own desktop for around £600, if possible could you suggest some possible parts to use that can handle Minecraft on med-high settings and image/video editing? Thanks! 10 points for best answer.


  1. The last Asus laptop you linked is your best bet if you want a laptop, but a desktop will definitely give you a better performance to price ratio.

    My current system that was around £600 when it was first built has these specs, and it runs most games on 1080p on max settings without an issue:

    CPU: AMD-FX 4100 @3.60GHz
    Memory: 8Gb @1333MHz
    Hard Disk: 1TB Seagate Serial ATA 6GB/s
    Motherboard: ASRock 985GM-GS3 FX
    GPU: Sapphire Radeon HD 7770 GHz OC Edition w/Vapor-X cooler

  2. The first one and the last one. Mainly the last one because of the 6GB of RAM and i5. Minecraft is a CPU intensive game rather than GPU intensive.

  3. Definitely build a desktop, the value you’re getting is so much greater than that with any of the listed laptops. They won’t play any games very well, they all run of pretty awful integrated graphics. Unless you desperately need the portability, for gaming and editing, a desktop is usually always the best way.

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