Will the dell studio laptop go down in price?

At the moment the dell studio 15 laptop i want is £850. Do you think it will go down in price and when should i buy it?


  1. Dell Studio 15 is their new model so at best you can do is what Dell website for specials or BETTER YET visit Dell Outlet site for Notebook PCs that indviduals ordered and then changed their mind…

    You can’t go wrong and I recommend Dell! There are hidden long-run costs that one does not initially see when you purchase a Notebook PC other than Dell, HP or IBM and later encounter difficulties or attempt buying replacement parts like a battery, or say a keyboard etc.

    We own 3 Dell Notebook PCs and why I recommend DELL, HP or IBM for those living in the United States is that those 3 particular PC Notebook manufacturers literally supply all the business Notebook PCs to the major corporations and Government so replacement parts are readily available esp on EBAY at even a more reasonable price than the manufacturer website. Thus in the long run, being able to get the exact replacement part extends the life on your investment.

    FYI my 1st Notebook PC was Gateway bec I couldn’t afford Dell at the time and what a mistake is was when I needed to purchase a new Notebook battery <= costly bec not readily available like Dells… and FYI I also ran into a similar problem when attempting to upgrade the memory.

    Hope the Above Info Helps!

  2. The Nerd says:

    the laptop its self will probly not go down in price but just have better spec insted.

  3. Philosophicist says:

    Everything will go down in price, however laptops take a while, especially if they’re new.

    If you want it badly you can buy it now because it will be one of the best laptops if it is new, however it will take some time in 2009 to go down.

    Either pay a higher price and have it now or wait a long time and get it for cheaper.

  4. James B says:

    It’s January, so the January sales should have brought down the price: don’t just check on the dell website check, pc world, comet, loads of other shops. It should go down.

  5. Jason B says:

    It may but not soon.

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