will Ipad case work for Ipad 2?

Going to pick up a new Ipad 2 on Friday, my question is will the cases for ipads work on the new model? I know the dimensions have changed a bit, just want to make sure.


  1. Beatleslove Shaw says:

    I don’t think so, the dimension is different
    iPad 1: 9.56×7.47×.528 in (243×190×13.4 mm)
    iPad: 2: 9.5×7.31×.346 in (240×186×8.8 mm)

  2. No, because the iPad 2 has a new design and is thinner.

  3. If you’re talking about the Incase Neoprene Sleeve, yes, the iPad 2 will fit in it. It wont be as snug, because the older iPad was thicker. But for protection purposes, it should be fine.

  4. cheerleader32 says:

    No. The new iPad is lighter and thinner so the case won’t fit on the new one. Also it will have front and back cameras, an old case would cover those! So, I would suggest a smart cover (the new cover that apple designed for the iPad) or wait a while for some other cases to come out. An old case will not work with the new iPad because the back shape of the iPad is different curved vs. beveled. Good luck getting an iPad on Friday, I’ll be trying to get one too!

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