Will ipad be cheaper after ipad 2?

so should i wait till ipad 2 comes out?


  1. The Original Ipad will be cheaper. Apple tends to lower the price of one thing when another comes out. The ipad 2 will most likely cost about the same as the ipad did when it first came out. An example: The iphone 4 took the iphone 3GS Original price. They also stick to this with their computers. So you can be pretty sure it will cost about. 16GB iPad costed $499, 32GB was $599, and the 64GB version was $699. For an additional $130 you can add 3G coverage

  2. yes. ipad will be cheaper.

    something like iphone 3gs is cheaper, when iphone 4 released.

  3. Anime King says:

    know apple probally not much if at all. As for getting a tablet why settle for an ipad when there should be a windows 7 tablet coming out soon.

  4. Scarlett Byrd says:

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