Why wont my New Sony VAIO open downloaded file or make a wireless connection?

I recently bought a SONY (VAIO) laptop (windows 7) but i had since have the following problems:

= The laptop will only connect on a wired connection. When I attempted to remove the wire the connection was discontinued despite the wireless switch being on

= This laptop prompted me to download a few Sony Media Go and Window Pack both of which were downloaded but when you try to open it says "the system could not find the environment that was entered" and this applies to every program that I downloaded including Norton back up

Do you think i should return the laptop to Macro, the shop where i got it from? Is this machine defective?

Is this normal for a new SONY?


  1. Bottom line, Sony makes wonderful consumer electronics, but it’s not a computer company. Their VAIO line was introduced back in the late 90′s as a direct competitor for Apple’s iMac line. Ever since that, VAIO has been a follower in the computer market, not a pioneer like with some of their other electronics products. I have owned several VAIOs, so I am allowed to gripe.

    Your error is a simple configuration error. A boneheaded mistake on Sony’s part; one of the many examples of missed attention to detail. You need to get on the phone with Sony’s support, as your computer shop won’t be able to do much about it. The laptop itself is not defective, it’s just misconfigured.

    If Sony built computers like they built AV receivers, they would rule the market. But alas, they’re not a computer company. You can’t expect them to make great computers. Dell, for example, is a decent computer company that makes decent computers, but they also made TVs for a while and they were all TERRIBLE. Same concept. Everybody wants a slice of the pie, but some do it better than others. If you want a nice television, get a Sony… if you want a nice laptop, look elsewhere.

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