Why should teens get a laptop?

I want a laptop for my birthday but I have to convince my parents to get me one. So why should teens get a laptop?


  1. Mathy Bunny says:

    Teens would want a Laptop because it is easier to do School Work on, unlike sharing a Computers in which your sibilings may want to play during that time, the computer may be slow because there is a virus etc..

    You can use your computer whenever you want, and you can also research for school, and do your homework faster and better. You can also play games on it, and chat with other people around the world using Skype and Windows Live Messenger.

    If your parents say "No", get an iPod Touch. They are AWESOME, you can do almost everything you can with a laptop, but you can take it with you everywhere you go. The iPod Touch you can also play games on the go, losten to Music while you are on the go, and you do not have any problems with Viruses.

    Good Luck :)

  2. It seems you are a teen and in desperate need of a laptop lol. It is good to have a laptop everything gets a lot easier from using the internet for entertainment purpose or in education. It just adds up so much and helps you in many different ways specially for education purposes. But be aware it is upon you to make the best use of your laptop and i suggest your parents to buy you a laptop on your birthday. Even it is too early (i guess) Happy BIrthday.

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  4. mekg1123 says:

    It helps open up your personality to be exposed to people from all over the world. Programs like skype for instance have allowed me to meet people from england to canada to all over the U.S. Its just a great social experience plus it allows you to easy learn a lot of different things just by a couple clicks of a button. The internet may seem dangerous but in reality its only dangerous if your inexperienced and you don’t know what your doing. So in the end laptops are portable, social networking, information linked, boxes that can help you simply explore life. http://www.hp.com http://www.dell.com http://www.acer.com http://www.apple.com Those are good websites to find the best wide range of laptops. Hope you could get yours soon it’s a great feeling.(im on mine now )

  5. that one guy says:

    college, thats main reason. if your younger and have a family computer…good luck with that, the only kids I know have rich parents or parents that give whatever to their kids. If your parents need convinving and you not going to college within the year have fun

  6. Since your a teen, you should be responsible, and act all nice.
    Say since your a teen, you need it for highschool, and studying.

  7. Having your own laptop can really help with your learning.

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