why is dell such successful business?

i have been told in school to choose a successful business that started from scratch and still running and explain why that business is successful. so could you please help me why dell is a successful business?


  1. They were one of the first companies that started the "configure to order" Business model. They made it easy and simple to build a PC to your requirements without needing to know a huge amount about computers. Because you buy them online they have no shops and so overheads are low keeping prices competitive. Also research into the acquisitions history, in the past they have bought up smaller computer firms like "alienware" who make specialist gaming computers to contribute to their current Business.

  2. eastlondon02 says:

    use wikipedia, I am sure they have extensive information on Dell.. Personally Dell are still in business because people like a brand name they think they can trust…Dell in my mind are overpriced for cheap parts but never mind everyone as there own opinion thats why dell are still trading.. But dell are not silly because they do not just sell to home market, They sell to schools, Colleges, and universities and places of work… So they have a broad market

  3. Dell i s a huge multi billion dollars company. it runs one of the most successful computer manufacturing organization. Its success is mainly due to is customer oriented products and the quality assurance that it provides. Also the alienware series of computers and laptops belong to the Dell. Dell offers a large variety of products including computer peripherals, speakers, mobiles, laptops and so on.

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