Why is a Sony Vaio so much more expensive than other laptops?

Is it just because it looks good?


  1. sony my be fancy but it doesn’t last long you should buy other laptops like apple,hp and dell

  2. sony has a good reputation also the invent stuff so vaio’s might get new tech sooner like bluray or oled screens

  3. I have one. The label is reason, sure. They are also quality and durable. I’ve had mine 4+ years no problems. It’s a solid company.

  4. puffin57 says:

    Probably because it is a Sony. Like loads of things from technology to food to clothing, you pay for the name.

  5. The advertising fees are allocated to the laptops, it doesn’t look gd in my opinion. My laptop looks so much better ;p

  6. No real reason its cause its a "Sony" it all depends on the specification but youl get the additional feature that will bunk up the price quiet abit

  7. because its "SONY" , which in my opinion is total worthless crap , vaios are crap, Fujitsu Siemens is the best there is.

  8. Calem Bendell says:

    The Vaio was developed to be as much a status symbol as a computer. Unless you’re trying to impress people, that extra money really represents nothing, especially in the higher end models. If asking for advice, I’d simply avoid Sony. Dell and Toshiba are generally the way to go. HP is doing netbooks well lately along with Dell.

    Sony, like Apple, also makes its products more expensive for no good reason, making itself a luxury brand. It’s a waste of money to someone not focusing on quality. They are indeed a durable, quality laptop, but you can get the same from Toshiba.

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