why games lag on my notebook?

i just bought a new notebook and all games i attempt to play lag. Please can someone help?

i have
windows Vista Ultimate x64
Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU T4500 2.30GHz
DirectX 10
nVidia Geforce 8200M G


  1. Your system seems congested. Clean it with reginout to make it lean & quick.

  2. Ryae Anthony Josef De Luna says:

    Your notebook lags because of it’s integrated graphics card. Try to tweak your laptop graphics by using Riva Tuner but be careful when doing so.

  3. 1. Windows Vista is slow and hogs a lot of memory.
    2. Your graphics card is actually quite old.
    3. Pentium processors aren’t that fast.

    1. If possible, upgrade to newer hardware and get Windows 7 Ultimate x64.
    2. Disable Aero and use the Basic theme.
    3. Delete Stuff You Don’t Need.

  4. deploy pants here says:

    Disable the aero theme
    Do system updates
    Uninstall bloatware

    Take care of your PC – I run Win7 on an AMD3500+ 2GB RAM and a Leadtek 7950GT

  5. Esoteric says:

    nVidia Geforce 8200M G
    This is the problem

    You could have a 1.3 GHZ processor as long as you have at least 9600M-GT or 330GT graphics card which will allow you to run all games.

    For gaming with notebooks try to acquire an Acer 6930 or better still 6935 with 9600M-GT graphics with intel 2.0 GHZ. Not GS graphics, make sure it’s GT because this isa hybrid integrated SLI config.

    This note book also runs games really with over heating.,
    Other than that you will pay a fortune for an Alienware laptop.

    Don’t go for the latest i7 or i5 processors in laptop witht he latest graphics cards because they run way too hot and the fans sound like jet engines.

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