Why does my Sony Vaio give me so much trouble?

I have had this laptop for about 11 months and I have regretted buying it as it gives me constant trouble. I miss my Hewitt Packard Compaq Pressario which I had for 7 years. It never gave me trouble. This stupid laptop will not allow me space to reply to e mails, it won’t scroll down, it doesn’t give me enough space to get to "Web" for searches. I have a McAFee and I am really fed up with this laptop. It often apologises for not being able to download e mails. What the heck why did I listen to everyone who told me that this was a good Company. I will never ever get another sony as long as I live. The trouble it gives is just not worth the money paid for it!!!
I mean that when you click reply you get the address at the top and the heading and the address take up all the space and there is no room for you to type a reply and there is no bar for scrolling up and down. I just cant get into my mail. The moment I try the laptop freezes up. I have had trouble with the laptop from the first day I bought it. At first I thought it was because I was unfamiliar with Sony and my relatives kept telling me that the fault was mine and I did not know how to use it properly. this went on for six months and finally I got so fed up I took it to Currys. They told me that there was nothing wrong with it. I persisted and then went to PC World where I was told there was a fault and they sent it to Belgium. It came back supposedly repaired and worked fine for a while but it has gone back to playing me up. I am unable to open my e mails. It freezes persistently. It does not allow me to go into certain sites. I am totally sick of it and its a compl


  1. bubba gump says:

    Try migrating your email to web based provider(YMAIL) or use a different email client (Outlook, Thunderbird).

    If you do not have a sony camera, unisntall the sony software seems you don’t like it. Or you can go the the sony store and ask for training.

  2. ddominic says:

    Sony is known for troubles with their laptops. Their are overpriced with their prices compared to other brands. I would stay away from buying any computer or laptop that is a Sony.

  3. my sony vaio is 5 years old and it has never once given me any trouble, its been the best laptop ive ever had, you must have been very unlucky and got a bad one, i dont know what you mean by it doesnt give you space to get to web searches

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