why does my laptop gets hot?

Should i turn it off how can i cool my laptop


  1. because the way it is designed…. thats how some laptops are… there is nothing really you can do….check out asus g53jw the are designed a unique way to avoid overheating,,, http://www.asus.com/ROG_ROG/G53Jw/

    would recomend buying one… pretty pricey about 2000 dollars retail price, but its worth it… I happen to own one, boughbt it on ebay used for 600 never had any problems with it… ( owned it for 1.5 years…

  2. if you get hot laptops so visit this web page.

  3. Depends on just what you mean by hot?
    Too hot to touch or hold? Them YES..you should turn it off..
    Heat can really cause all kinds of problems..
    Check to be sure that there’s no airflow issues,
    such as blocked or dirty airflow opening. Also, don’t overlook the CPU’s fan..You’ll be shocked at just quickly these areas are clogged with dust..So, a cleaning sounds to be in order for your laptop. To give you an idea of just what it could look like, check out these sites I’ve included for your edification~
    There’s a ton of other useful tips here to…look over as well.
    Good Luck~!

  4. softballho says:

    Laptops run hot just the way it is . make sure the air vents are not blocked.You can buy something like this


    I have one it works well….

  5. make sure its on a flat, level surface so the fans can cool it off…or close it and flip it upside down..

    It cools through the bottom.

  6. You’re laptop gets hot because of processes in your cpu, gpu, hd, memory, ect. I suggest getting a laptop cooler and a program like speed fan to increase fan speed. I bought a laptop cooler called lapcool 2 and it reduced my idle temp from 37-40 C to around 27-30 C

  7. guitarromantic23 says:

    it gets hot because it runs faster than it can let off heat. buy a cooler or dont run as many programs to make the comp run a little slower, but a coller is best

  8. check to see if the fan is excessively dirty. blow it out with a vacuum or one of those air in a can. if it still gets really hot check to see if the fan is working.

  9. Laptop cooler


    Cheaper Solution

    Insert a pen, pencil or door stoppers under your laptop to improve the air flow and it wont get that hot.

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