Why does my Acer 5738z keep freezing?

Had the above about 2 months now. Installed Windows 7 ultimate, all was grand. Last few days keeps locking up at random and have to hard restart. System restore hasn’t worked and cant find email contact for acer uk anywhere!! All they give is street address.

Anyone had the same, or know what it may be? Everything freezes, keyboard, mouse etc. Driving me mad! Really don’t want to have to reinstall windows.
Thanks ebox. It is a notebook, yes. It has 3Gb of RAM and 250Gb HDD. I have tried the drivers you say but with no joy- most don’t really explain what they are anyway- ended up uninstalling most of them.
Only use it for internet, movies and music really. Always do the Win updates, and it has been fine.
I’m truly stumped?
Thanks again


  1. 1.) Acer’s suck
    2.) If this is a netbook, then that is why. You can not put ultimate on a tiny insignificant piece of crap such as an acer netbook.
    3.) Viruses and spyware.

    That is all

  2. ebox1349 says:

    research people, this is not a net book but a note book, the Aspire 5738z did have a safety warning notice issue several months ago
    http://www.electronbox.net/newsDetails.php?newsId=13 (this from my website)
    But I suspect this is not the issue, System Restore is not going to fix a hardware or driver issue.
    Try updating as many drivers as possible either from the Microsoft updates or the ACER website
    (though strangely the model is not listed on the normal Service site or the FTP site!)
    Have you installed the 32 bit or 64 bit version of W7 Ultimate?
    This may be your issue as the minimum requirement for the 64 bit edition is 2Gb of RAM and you need to download and install the 64 bit drivers. On the Acer website there is a barely noticeable drop box with the various Windows version in (it has Operating System in orange just above the Driver tab).

  3. Billy Mark says:

    There can be two issues:

    1. Virus (Use AVG free)

    2.. Corrupt registry ( Use Reginout )

    I am sure it will help you.

  4. it depends how you use it it might need some more ram or hard drive space
    and if it is a netbook you can put ulitmate on a netbook because i have win 7 unitmate on my samsung n-130 and its fine. so go to a computer shop and ask wot you do with it.

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