Why are Moleskine notebooks so expensive?


  1. I Like Reading says:

    They have become increasingly popular after being just that little black notebook that was sold in bookstores and other places.

    I’m frustrated because the prices have remained the same (or gone up) despite competition from other brands and manufacturing being done in China. : /

    I still like them, but I’m looking at other brands for sustainability/price.

  2. Moles are very small and rare and their skin is difficult to cure

  3. Totoro--chan says:

    Because they are of a very high quality, and since they have a reputation, they can charge anything they want, because there is no true competitor product. Yeah, there are other notebooks, but they aren’t mole skins.
    So, you are basically paying for the name

  4. Mister Phobe to you. says:

    The moles put up quite a fight.

  5. LobarCybertronic v.1.0 says:

    Just try and avoid those vicious rabid mole teeth! It’s hard!

    Haha, well I would venture to say its because they are handmade, and use high quality paper, thats acid free and therefore helps keep notes and sketches good for longer. Plus its also the name. And as with other brands, name costs money.

  6. CountTheDays says:

    How many moles do you think you can catch, skin and treat in an hour…..ah, see, that’s why they’re so expensive.

  7. They only use the skin from the moles legs so producing the notebooks is a very resource intensive process.

    I have found that a good a good substitute for moleskin notebooks are hareskin ones, there is much more skin on the legs so the books are much cheaper… the skin is just as soft too!

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