Who makes the best laptop?

In your experience, who has made the best laptop you have owned? I want a long lasting yet good and slim laptop. Can you help?


  1. Advent, eMachine, hell… pop into your local hardware store and check out some of their laptops. Check out some online retailers who can deliver to you as well. Usually you have a varied selection of laptops available to you.

    My point is that not one company stands above any other with Windows based laptops as there is such a massive variety available to you and it’s largely dependant on what you want. MSI I know as well do very good laptops.

    Do not believe for a second that a Mac is the way forward. Yes, they’re pretty, yes they run smoothly. But they also cost a lot more and can’t do anything a Windows based laptop can’t do. Make an informed decision before you buy a Mac and buy it because it benefits you. Not because you want to sit in a Starbucks looking pretentious.

  2. not dell thats for sure,
    i would recommend a mac if you have the money

  3. Apple easy.

    They’re so slick , clean and stylish. They do a hell of a good job with speed and consistency. Also very hard for an Apple Macbook to get a virus.

  4. mac. dell laptops suck and i have to use this crappy one

  5. Not Dell see my question above yours

  6. vihanna75 says:

    i like hp. i bought a laptop and its been three years and absolutely no problems so far :)

  7. not dell.. I like:

    Those are my tops
    my secondary would be:

    Lenovo (yes lenovo, they are not bad, and more "Business man like" haha)

    Hope I helped, I’d do some research on those..

  8. Dell make the best laptops followed by Asus.

    Mac is an overpriced Dell.

    Depending on your requirements and budget take a look at the Dell inspiron Duo. This is a tablet and laptop in one.

  9. Best all rounder is a mac.. They are extremely well built and the hardware is specifically selected for performance, reliability and compatibility..

    Yes they are expensive but check out their new features and new OS coming out as stated in the WWDC which was on earlier.

    For all the haters about the price – I have had my macbook pro for over a year and whether I boot in windows or OSX and no matter how much stuff is on it, it is just as fast as when I bought it.

    I would prefer to pay the extra money for quality and reliability but that’s just me. Besides, base models start at $999 and the 13 inch macbook pro is $1199 – the price is not that bad…

  10. apple .. but nothings perfect.. i’ve got a dell net_book i put mac osx on and i love it.. gets a lot more use than my macbook..

  11. Geminidjc says:

    ive had my acer for 5 years now and never had any problems with it. if i ever get another laptop i will stick with acer

  12. Choose the make that you are interested in then go to it,s web site to research it. The rule of thumb is you get what you pay for.Knowing what is the best product ??? yes how much you want to spend.Some top brand names you pay more just for the name when if you research the product a lower price can give you the same specs as a top brand name. So research is the key. I have used an ACER for 3 years no problem with it and it cost me 700 Euro,s.

  13. HP

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