Which one: Notebook or Netbook?

I would like to buy a portable computer but i do not know whether to buy a notebook or netbook. Here’s all I really want it for:
Downloading some songs/graphics
Watching vids from time to time
Just surfing the web
Synching my iPhone
Some other stuff…

So which one would be the best? Netbook? or Notebook? post your reasons as well please :P
if you want to suggest models as well, then go ahead :)


  1. notebook…..it provides more spec than netbook…. netbook is convenience for people on the go simply ease to use…… whereas notebook provides more than u may imagine…. i recommend go for notebook since u want to dl songs/graphics, watching vids……….

  2. Carl Chester says:

    I agree with Wendigo.Go for a laptop, unless you really hate the look and don`t want the weight of it, but generally go for a laptop of some kind.And i wouldn`t got for a mac, although they supposedly last longer, they`re way to overpriced for their specs.

    I got a netbook cause i didn`t like the look of a laptop,although it`s less of a spec, i wanted something i can look at and be happy with and not something that was an eye sore.

  3. Caliban L'AssaSin says:

    Mhh Notebook are more powerful !!

  4. Wendigo says:

    While heavier in weight, the laptop is most likely your best option, as many netbooks don’t have a disk drive tray to use to load dvd’s into. However if it’s going to be something online that you’re going to watch, and not watch dvd’s then the netbook might be the better way too go. Those are lighter and smaller in weight, and have a generally good sized hard drive. Also netbooks depending on the name can be less expensive to buy, than a laptop.

  5. Oli Cooke says:

    neither. i would go with a Mac book air. because its got great graphics, simple to download songs, and the sound is great. and has iTunes to sink with your iPhone. so yeh

  6. It all depends on whether you want portability or not so much.
    Both can download songs/images the same.
    A notebook would be better for watching videos, due to bigger screen and better processing, but if its only now and again you wont notice it much.
    Both surf the web fine, although sometimes the smaller screen/smaller keyboard combo make it harder to do so.
    Both will sync iphone the exact same.
    Netbooks have no dvd drive so no watching dvd’s, copying cd’s, installing software from cd.

    If you cant choose between the two why not get a ~13" notebook, they are both small but not to small for everyday use.

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