Which one is the iPad 4?

Hi everyone, I was wondering, after reading an article, which one is the iPad 4? I did some research but couldn’t find anything. I know that there’s the iPad 1, the very first iPad, iPad 2, iPad 3 which would be the one that came out right after the 2 which is retina and it’s been called "the new iPad" for quite some time (and I believe it still is), the iPad mini, but which one is the iPad 4? Is it the mini? Or is there another iPad I’m not aware of? Thank you very much in advance.


  1. There’s no iPad 4 the mini is a 3 but small

  2. There is no iPad 3 and iPad 4 they are just the current version of the Retina display iPad. The current one is the fourth version of the iPad which has replaced the third version.


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