Which one is better Psp 3000 or Nintendo Dsi or Laptops?

Which one is better Psp 3000 or Nintendo Dsi or Laptops


  1. raina_vissora says:

    Kinda depends on what you want it for. Personally, I don’t play games on my laptop, and I don’t do much web surfing on my PSP.

  2. all of them are awesome u choose which one u want

  3. laptop will allow the most options as in internet, word documents, games, etc.. psp and nintendo will go online but its not its main purpose and gets annoying after awhile but they have better game set ups. i would go for the laptop. but if its more for game playing then get the psp

  4. LAPTOP!!

  5. xbox 360 or laptop. dont waste ur money on the psp- i got tired of it so fast and the ds dont even get me started its not worth even looking at.

  6. To be honest, im going to have to say the laptop would win.
    think of it..
    a psp i pretty uncomfortable to control on the internet and all,
    a ds is kinda cheesy but the camera function kinda cool,
    and the internet can get things like emulaters to play ds or psp ON the laptop :)


  8. Laptops or psp

  9. Laptop Laptop laptop..

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