Which one, IPad 2 or iPad 3?

For my birthday my dad said I could get a iPad, but I don’t know if the iPad 3 is worth an extra iPad 2?


  1. Ipad 2, they are much cheaper than ipad 3′s and way better than the ipad. Ipad 3s just have a better screen, which doesnt really look different anyway!
    Trust me on this!

  2. definetly ipad 3.

  3. Muhammad Imran Butt says:

    IPad 3 is the later than Ipad 2. So, Ipad 3 will be better.

  4. ipad 3

  5. iPad 2.

    Both the iPad 2 and iPad 3 look so similar as to be almost identical, the only real difference is the lack of a button on the front of the iPad 3 and that it’s a bit thicker and heavier.
    Other than that they share the same iconic iPad design and if you put them next to each other you might think at a glance you were looking at the same product.

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