Which Laptop is Right for me?

I need a laptop with a good balance between internet and e-mail speed and fluidity, music recording basics, and other entertainment capabilities such as dvd and cd riping and burning hard/software…est est est. ….

i don’t know computers so I i would love some feed back. thank you all so much this community is awesome!


  1. Tanvir Tan says:

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  2. Yacajoo says:

    Apple computers are the best computer you can buy. If you want a cheaper laptop but still reliable, I would recommend either a Dell, Toshiba or IBM.


  4. Matthew says:

    apple is the best but high priced,dell is very good for business,hp for school and collage,

  5. oxʎןqqnqox says:

    MY DOG is a good computer/laptop…………im sorry im random.

  6. Gogavaters says:

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