Which laptop is better, Dell Inspiron N5040 or Sony Vaio EH3B4E/W?

I’m buying a laptop, it is currently between a Dell Inspiron N5040 or a Sony Vaio EH3B4E/W
This is the Sony – http://www.johnlewis.com/231577635/Product.aspx
This is the Dell – http://www.sainsburys.co.uk/sol/shop/technology/computing/laptops_and_netbooks/122885468_dell_inspiron_n5040_intel_dual_core_4gb500gb_notebook.html?hnav=4294960188



  1. I personally don’t think that makes a difference that much, they are all excellent.

  2. szak1592 says:

    DELL is best for students and for work etc

  3. it isnt worth a hundred pounds for the extra processing speed, in the sony your just paying for a brand name.both have integrated graphics,look for an amd a4 or amd a6 laptop, they will be better because they both have turbo boost technology and dedicated graphics.and will be less or about the same as the two you were looking at. contact me if you need more help.

  4. The teq Squad says:

    The SONY is way better.Plus John Lewis is excellent and they are giving you a 3 Year Guarantee free. Also, they have the best customer service.

  5. The Sony one costs 100 more and has a faster processor otherwise they seem basically equal. Obviously faster is better but maybe not within your budget. Either should be fine for internet, watching videos etc….neither is good for gaming, gaming laptops are a lot more expensive.

  6. The sony has a 2nd generation i3 processor were as the dell only has a dual core.

    both has the same RAM and HDD

    but the dell has bluetooth but i didn’t see if the sony has.

    but over all depending on what you want the laptop for i would suggest the sony as it does have the extra processor speed.

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