Which laptop is a good gaming laptop?

I have 2 laptops in my shortlist. Both of them are HP.

HP dv6-6c65se:
750 GB HDD
AMD 7690M XT (2 GB)
Glossy screen

HP dv6-7080ee:
Nvidia GT 630M (2 GB)
Matte screen

Both the laptops have the same processor (Intel i7-2670QM) and RAM memory (8 GB).

When I checked the graphics ratings in notebookcheck.net, I found AMD to be better than Nvidia in performance.

But the Windows Experience Index in both the laptops were contrasting. Nvidia graphics happened to have a higher rating than AMD in terms of both Graphics and Gaming Graphics.

Moreover, the price of the 2nd laptop (i.e. the one with Nvidia GT 630M) is a little higher than the former(AMD 7690M XT).

Which laptop would be the best choice for gamers?

Would the glossy screen affect the gaming experience? I sometimes find it hard to look at the monitor because of the reflection.


  1. I personally recommend taking a look at the following reviews as I think these laptops could be perfect for your needs

    Qosmio X505-Q8100X 18.4" Ultra High Performance Gaming Laptop – http://electronicsreviews4u.com/gaming-laptops-notebooks/qosmio-x505-q8100x-18-4-ultra-high-performance-gaming-laptop

    Sony VAIO EJ2 Series VPCEJ28FX/B 17.3" High Performance Laptop – http://electronicsreviews4u.com/top-end-laptops-notebooks/sony-vaio-ej2-series-vpcej28fx-b-17-3-high-performance-laptop

  2. May I suggest building a tower instead? It’s cheaper and will be a true gaming machine. For the amount that you’ll spend on a "gaming" laptop, you could have a better set up on a tower.

    Ignore Windows Experience Index, it’s full of shit. Check benchmarks on various sites (they’ll game on the laptop most of the time and show you FPS etc.)

    In my opinion, the screen will only matter in high light areas. Although I prefer a matte screen in general. It’s personal preference but it shouldn’t be the deciding factor.

  3. I would go with HP dv6-7080ee

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