Which is the better Sony vaio laptop?

I’m looking through littlewoods and found two vaio laptops but I don’t know which is the better one I’mainly going to use it for uni stuff and watch online movies like on Netflix and online anime. First vaio laptop is 529 pounds and I pay per week 5.30 pound it’s and fit e intel core i5 processor 4gb ram 750gb hard drive and 15.5 inch laptop. The other Sony laptop is fit 15 e intel pentium processor 4gb ram 500 gb hard drive and 15.5 inch touch screen it’s costs is 599 pound and i pay per week 6 pounds so yeah which is the better one for a university student like me


  1. I would go with the i5 processor and the 750GB RAM. The Pentium will be too slow and you can probably use more disk space.

  2. tumbleweed_biff says:

    This doesn’t answer the question you asked, but I hope you find it useful:
    Take a look at these rankings:

    Lenovo, Asus, HP, and Samsung are the top 4 laptop brands. I wouldn’t consider any other brands.

    Dell makes Alienware and they are not worth the money charged.
    Acer makes Gateway. You’d have to pay me to use one of their machines.
    Sony hardware has generally been good, but they are notorious for putting huge amounts of crapware/bloatware on machines and gathering information on their consumers without their knowledge or permission.
    Toshiba has bottomed the rankings. Personally, I have used them and never had a problem, but that does not appear to be the case any more.

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