Which is better iPad or iPad Mini ?

I got an iPad for my birthday (the newest one) but I don’t now if I should trade it in for an iPad mini
So which one do you think is better ?


  1. Its personal preference the iPad is Retina Display and the Mini is a low res Screen! So i prefer the iPad!

  2. An ipad mini it’s super light and beatiful

  3. If you plan to take it around a lot, get an iPad Mini… that seems to be the more popular choice.

  4. iPad Mini is pretty much the smaller version of your iPad.

    The difference is merely in the screen and screen size. You wont be able to get the Retina display on the iPad Mini but the 7.9" screen is big enough and still pretty portable.

    I suggest you read these comments on iPad Mini from an actual user – compared to iPad:

    Hope this was helpful!

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