which is better? Ipad mini or ipad?

i want to get an ipad. though i am not sure if i shuold get the ipad mini or the full sized ipad? the ipad mini is cheaper but smaller and i dont know if i dont thats all if you could give me some advice on wich i should purchase let me know thansk


  1. Neither are good.

  2. Carlos Gomez says:

    ipad mini for sure the ipad mini fits in 1 hand and the big ipad fits in 2 hands plus the ipad mini has a record switch that goes to 1080p source which is in HD and you can see clearly. the ipad big has 720 to 480 hd so definitley ipad mini and you can take the ipad any where it fits in pockets buy the big ipad doesnt so… hope you make a wise choice!

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