Which is Best Laptops for gaming?

Which is Best Laptops for gaming?


  1. starpc11 says:

    Maingear titan 17 but cost about 4000 dollars , sager notebooks and one of my favorite and a decent price range is asus republic of gamers, best to get one with at least a i7-2600 series processor , a gtx 560m or higher or ati 6770m or higher , 6-8 gb of ddr3 ram, at least a 500 gb drive

  2. You people need to learn to speak english properly.


    good laptops need to have at least 4 gb of RAM
    an intel i5 processor with at least 2GHZ duel core or an AMD Athalon II with at least 2.5GHZ dual core
    a GDDR5 Graphics card with at least a 1GB capacity and a clock speed of 800MHz DON’T get intel graphics cos that is Crap.
    At least a 320GB hard drive with 7200RPM
    the rest of the stuff in the laptop will be made to fit all that in.

    Desktop computers aare usally better and cheaper over a long time cos you only need to replace the parts if it gets old instead of buying a new laptop

    check some suggestions in the links below

    P.S Never under any Circumstances Buy Alienware its so RIPOFF!

  3. Alienware M17X

    Although it could easily burn a hole in your pockets, the M17x is the best gaming laptop there is. It’s a true heavyweight, in terms of both price and weight.
    I am talking about jaw-dropping performance here, and the awesome specifications allow it to scream through any application/game you could possibly think of. It comes with 8GB RAM and Dual ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5870 graphics with 1GB of dedicated memory in each.

    The whole laptop is kitted out with colourchanging LEDs and even the keyboard backlighting colour can be customised. Possibly the only negative is the battery life; it lasts for an hour.

  4. Tukachinchilla says:

    The best laptop IMO is the Asus G74SX. Its got pretty high decent gaming performance as well as efficient cooling vents to keep the laptop cool all day long. And you know, less heat= less strain and lag. But I heard that Battalion 101 X7200 is the best spec laptop you can get for gaming. Alienware is overrated and overprice for its hardware. All you are paying for is its style and name.

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