Which iPad should I get?

I want one with both garage band and Siri. It would be helpful (not necessary) to have FaceTime. I don’t know much about the iPads, so can somebody tell me which ones have these apps? Thanks, Peyton


  1. starpc11 says:

    Two that i found that was the best amoung the series the ipad 2 and the ipad mini , the ipad 3 with retina display doesn’t impress me at all , if you like smaller then go with the ipad mini if not then go with the ipad 2

  2. i pads are all the same expect some are slightly faster or slightly smaller i would suggest if you go buy a Microsoft surface its faster and can be converted to a laptop

  3. The iPad Mini
    The new iPad (iPad 3)
    iPad with retina display (iPad 4)
    Supports all of this. GarageBand needs to be bought for £2.99 from the App Store . They all include Siri and FaceTime .

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