which ipad should i get?

i want to get an ipad but not sure which one. ipad 2, ipad with retina display or ipad mini? mostly for games. any suggestions?


  1. you can get Nexus 7

  2. Jay Fdz says:

    iPads are too big, and too expensive. Personally I would go for the Nexus 7 (2nd Generation), much cheaper and has a better display than the iPad Mini, but given the choices you gave, I would go with the iPad Mini..mainly for size issues. Might want to wait for the iPad Mini 2 which is rumored to have the retina display as well.

  3. If you have enough money then I would suggest you spend wisely on the iPad 4. iPad 2 and iPad Mini use the same processor chip making. So in short iPad mini is like the better camera added and shorter lenght version of iPad 2.

    But for portability the iPad Mini is good plus it is cheaper and easy to fit in budget.

    So IMO if you have budget, go for iPad 4, if you are looking forward to paying lesser amount of a tablet then iPad Mini would do the same job in cheaper price. Just would drop the Retina display.

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    Hope this helped!

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