which Ipad should I get ? 2013?

what ipad should I get its 2013 and there’s a lot of selection


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  2. good one

  3. Hollz100 says:

    Ipad 2. The Ipad 3 is the newest so far and it does everything that the second one does except it’s bigger and therefore harder to carry around. The first Ipad doesn’t have IOS I don’t think, and you may have to upgrade at an internet shop like O2 to have it. It also doesn’t have the sam features as the second one.

  4. yecalrae says:

    The "New iPad" aka iPad 4th generation (Late 2012) is the latest. I’d recommend the 4th generation iPad or the iPad mini. What you plan to do with the iPad should encourage your decision. If you need to complete productivity tasks I’d recommend the bigger version, which is the iPad 4th gen. Otherwise, I’d go with the iPad mini. The iPad mini can do everything just as the 4th generation, but it does not have retina display, which means your text and graphics will not be as sharp. It all depends on your comfortability. I’d recommend visiting the nearest Apple store and play the demo iPads. The demo iPads have a bunch of demo apps you can try. Be sure to test out the Pages app, which is used for typing documents. Good luck!

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