Which iPad should I get?

I’m buying an iPad today and I’m not sure which one to get. Is there any really huge difference between the iPad Air and iPad 2/3 besides the weight?

Also, is it worth 0 more just to get the retina iPad mini instead of the regular iPad mini?

I already have a Saumsung Tablet and I wouldn’t be using my iPad very often. It’ll just be something to use for fun and maybe for classes


  1. Gamingbugr says:

    iPads are rubbish.
    Get a Microsoft Surface!
    Microsoft Surface has twice the specs of the newest iPad apart from battery life, and they are both the same price!

  2. All you need to know:

    A5 SUCKS. The iPad 2, iPad 3 (A5X same speed, just better graphics) and the iPad Mini 1 all run the A5 chip.

    The iPad 4 runs A6X, this is much better. The iPad Air and Mini Retina though, run the A7 chip which is up to twice as fast as the A6(X).

    About your Samsung tablet, if it’s a Tab, it’s gonna be outperformed by most of these iPad’s.

    My advice: iPad Mini Retina, don’t EVER pick the iPad 2/3 over the Mini Retina.

    Bad to better:

    iPad 2 / 3 / Mini
    iPad 4
    iPad Mini Retina
    iPad Air

    Oh and ignore the first answer. He doesn’t know how to compare a tablet with a portable PC.

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