Which iPad should I buy?

I am going to get an iPad but I’m not sure which one to get out of the iPad Air, iPad mini with retina display, or iPad mini. If I got the iPad Air or iPad mini I would get them on black friday so the iPad Air would either be 9 or from a different store, 9 with a 0 gift card. The iPad mini would be 9 with a 0 gift card, unfortunately the iPad mini with retina display would still be 9. Anyone with experience with these devices please tell me how you feel about each one. Please do not comment saying a different tablet because I know about all the other tablets and I happen to like Apple products. Is the speed of opening web pages and apps a lot slower on the original mini? What is the screen like on the original mini? I know there are some issues with the mini retina’s screen, are those really noticeable when using it?


  1. I like iPad mini.

  2. aisyah says:

    I reccomended you to get both information about the uses of IPAD.
    If you want to know, just look here to get the best answer.

  3. iPad mini with retina display. Its the middle device, which is good in electronics. I has the cheapness of an ipad mini, with the performance of the ipad air.

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