which drivers are for my Sony Vaio laptop?? please help!!?

ok so i’ve installed a new windows on my laptop and now I’m trying to find all the drivers.
My laptop is a white sony vaio with intel core i3, windows 7, radeon graphics card and model number on the back says VPCCA3S1E.

BUT when i go on he sony website and look for my laptop i find the following 6 models with a different extra letter after ‘/’

So which one is it?? They all seem to have few different drivers.. I downloaded all the ones from the model ending with ‘/L’ but it seems to be the wrong one as a lot of drivers and functions of my laptop still don’t seem to be working, for example the FN key for brightness and also most importantly the graphics card driver don’t seem to be right as even normal videos don’t play very smooth.

What does the ‘/’ stand for and how do i find out which model is mine? because at the back of my laptop there is no ‘/’ and the extra letter


  1. James S says:

    the / does not mean anything. But the last letter would define the color of the laptop. There is White, Pink Red gray green types. The Ati video chip is a 6470m which the latest driver is here.


    Get the 175mb file there and install it. Then I recommend rebooting and install google Chrome.
    https://www.google.com/intl/en/chrome/browser/ This is much better than internet explorer.

    Then install this for the function keys to work.

  2. Insane_mad_maniak says:

    i’m gussing your’s is the G version, because search’s for the spec’s come back with that model.

    i would suggest that you try asking on a Sony Forum


    or try ‘Speccy’


    install, then run it, it should tell you your system model, or try searching online with the motherboard model number which should help you find which model it is.

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