Which Dell Precision laptop?

I have heard that Precision are the best laptops in Dell. Which model in Precision range people like most? My ideal screen size is 15" but I think they don’t do that size so the closest would be 15.4".

Just to say I’m not too concious about brands.


  1. Bryana D says:

    i have a dell inspiration, and it does the job. its a windows vista but im sure you can find the pre beta version of windows 7 online somewhere. The speakers work well and the applications meet my standards very nicely! ;)

  2. systematic_83 says:

    Dell sucks, when i did repairs 75% were dell…. panasonic and alien ware are really good if you can afford them, hp and compaq are hit or miss, look into toshiba ive used em for a few years now, newest is L305D-S5895

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