whether a laptop can be upgrade ?

i want to upgrade my laptop video card ?


  1. In most laptops you can upgrade the memory RAM with no problem, but if you are looking into upgrading the video card or other type of hardware it will be difficult. For example, the video card is attached to the motherboard, so if you want to upgrade your video card most likely you will need to buy a new motherboard with the video card included which is going to be a little expensive.

  2. subhankar says:

    You cant upgrade your video card. only RAM and HARDISK can be upgrad.

  3. did you know?????? says:

    it is quiet hard to upgrade to new version especially video card and network adapter but with the help of the technician it is possible


  4. There are a few laptop models that allow you to upgrade the video, but the large majority of laptops don’t. Not knowing the make and model of your laptop, I would guess its video cannot be upgraded and I’d probably be right.

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