where to get the best notebooks?

argos maybe! online! deliver!!!


theres a few nice ones there even for the stars!!! gold and black and monopoly ones!!!


  1. Any good stationers will have a range of notebooks. I bought one the other day. Hardback cover, with lined pages and a name and address section at the back. 99p.

  2. If you’re looking for thick pages which don’t allow your pen to go through to the other side, I suggest oxford notebooks as they have the optik paper technology. If you’re looking for notebooks with ”nice cover”, there is a wide choice in WHS smith. They got a wide range of designer notebooks, but you need to go to a larger store. Check their website, they might of listed them out.

    Optik paper notebooks are expensive though, like £10 each… You can get refill pad with optik paper in supermarkets like Tesco thou, and there is a notebook without a fancy cover with optik paper for £4 in Tesco, half price recently – £2.

    The designer in WHS Smith, I don’t know about paper thickness or quality, but sure they got nice covers. And cost above £6.

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