When will the Ipad 4 release?

I know I’m getting ahead of myself but the Ipad 3 is more than likely releasing in March and I was just curious of how long it would be tell the Ipad 4 was released? I want the Ipad 3 but if the Ipad four is going to release within a year after the 3rd I would rather just wait it out? Anyone have any idea? Thanks a bunch


  1. Everything says:

    Wait the ipad 3 before asking :p and no one can know this !

  2. ScσττRΛSC³ says:

    iPad 1 – April 2010
    iPad 2 – March 2011
    iPad 3 – March 2012*
    iPad 4 – March/April 2013

    Apple usually follows a yearly release schedule. So around this time next year is when the iPad 4 would be speculated for a release.


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