whats the difference between laptops?

my lad is asking for small laptop notebook is there any difference in them than a normal laptop i know there smaller is there anything else thanx


  1. I think the only difference between the small laptop and normal one is that small laptop is small, light and easy to carry. but the big difference among laptops is configuration and performance of laptop. If you want to buy a good laptop, you should pay more attention on the lap top’s configuration and performance. if you just want to buy a laptop which is convenient to carry and use, you need to buy a small one.

  2. Isaac J says:

    wots lad?

  3. burnt_glacier says:

    There is also the processing power and price. A smaller laptop will cost more than the equivalent specifications of a larger laptop (up to a point). It’s because they need to cram everything into a smaller space, plus it has a smaller battery and needs efficiency over power.
    I’d say that a 14"/15" laptop is reasonable.

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