What's the build quality of Sony Vaio versus Dell Inspiron?


  1. Vaio is likely better built than Dell’s Inspiron, which is their bottom cheapo-o consumer line. Dell’s Latitude offerings will fare better and are probably better than Sonys, but they’re business end and pretty expensive for their performance.

  2. sony vaio rolls royce of laptops, (toshiba and macs also) dell very average not a good life expectancy. so go for vaio or tosh you cant by better under a grand.

  3. Sony Vaio wins Dell Inspiron. Sony is the 3rd best laptop brand in this world but Dell is the 7th best laptop brand in this world. First is Mac and 2nd is Lenovo then comes Sony. So, I will recommend you to buy Lenovo if you can. Hope this helps….Byeee !

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