What's the best gaming laptop?

Whats the best gaming laptop out right now??


  1. A fully customized Alienware m18x. Dual GTX680ms, with a factory overclocked 4GHz quadcore and 32GB of RAM.

    Can be yours for around $6000

  2. GamingLaptop says:

    The best gaming laptop is an Alienware M17x R4 gaming laptop. With the fastest GPU available for laptop and the newest extreme 3rd gen core-i7 processor that made for gaming laptop, also its audio system and AlienwareFX that make the best environment for gaming that you never experience before.

    The M17x delivers excellent system performance and gaming graphics, plus laptop mobility for when you want to pack up and get moving that makes the M17x R4 is one of the best gaming laptop.

  3. Mike Smythe says:

    the eurocom racer or the eurocom neptune can be customized to run the best hardware available right now. (performance gaming notebooks)

    this may be the most practical solution to have a high performance gaming laptop

  4. The ASUS G74Sx laptop with i7 @3.2ghz,3gb GPU and 32gb ram now that is a great rig.

  5. The best right now is the M18x from Alienware, but the high-end configurations will run over $5k. The best laptop in the near future will be the Sager NP9270. The NP9270 would already be out, but it had a high failure for the motherboard in testing, so they went back to the drawing board. Here’s a thread on it: http://forum.notebookreview.com/sager-clevo-reviews-owners-lounges/641100-official-sager-np9270-clevo-p270wm-owners-lounge-174.html

  6. i’ll say it’s the Dell Alienware right now, which is the best.besides price depends on what configuration you want.

  7. The best gaming laptops (commercially made) in my opinion are made by Alienware and are extremely expensive.

  8. Ryoma Echizen says:

    The best gaming laptop is the Sager NP9150

    You can customize and build your gaming notebook in a variety of different ways.

    I highly recommend this.

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