whats a good sony vaio model to buy ?

im looking to buy a good sony vaio laptop, it must be fastm stylish and got latest technology. any recomedations or model numbers ??


  1. Sony is extremely overpriced and overrated

  2. mafiagirl305 says:

    Buy a nice silver one which is scratch proof and also shock proof. Its very highly priced but awesome and light. I have new one and its great. I also have an apple mac and that is also awesome

  3. Seneca P says:

    Before you go and buy one, consider this.

    I custom build laptops and desktops, and if you have me build one, i could build you a better computer than the vio’s and it will still be cheaper.

    Just let me know exactly what one you want, and then i will check out its specifications and then let you know what i could build you and its price.

    Thanks, and i hope to hear from you very soon!

  4. lueeluee says:

    They are great looking and have the best screens but are slightly higher priced.

    This is the latest 15.4 in model

    Manufacturer: Sony
    Model: Sony VAIO Notebook FE Series – VGN-FE890N/H
    Screen Size: 15.4 inches
    Weight: 6 lbs
    Processor Options: Core Duo
    Description: Work and play go hand-in-hand with the VAIO FE Notebook. The FE combines cutting-edge performance with ample workspace while maintaining a slim, portable design. The fast Intel Core processor and stunning 15.4" widescreen display1 with XBRITE HiColor technology will give you the power you need and the viewing experience you crave. With the FE Notebook, you can manage and enjoy multimedia entertainment, use state-of-the-art communication features and power through demanding computing applications without compromising space or style. Read the review and check other sizes;

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