What would be a good laptop?

I’m looking for a laptop mainly for home use and a little bit of a gamer laptop. For about 700 to 800 $.


  1. gatorgirl says:

    do not, i repeat do not, get a dell.
    customer service, blows.
    quality stinks.
    battery life, terrible.
    slow as a tortoise.
    memory, HA! i dont think it has any.
    im looking into buying a sony vaio myself. really nice, and excellent quality :)

  2. Dells are BEAST.

  3. boredgirl says:

    acer ive had a bunch of lap tops and they did not really work so acer im using my acer right now!

  4. dell latitude D610 or D620 good ram and hardrive and its less than 600

  5. a dell.

  6. Harshna l says:

    everyone is getting an IMAC these days .. see if you like it..
    HP’s are pretty great too..

  7. Strictly Business says:

    Dells freaking rock.

  8. anonymouse says:

    Dell Studio laptops fit your requirements perfectly. (not studio xps)

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