What to write in notebooks?

I love notebooks! I mean my love for them is unexplainable and maybe weird to some of you. So I buy all these cute and awesome notebooks then… I don’t write anything in them!!
I need some ideas on what put in them. I love making list’s and stuff.
Any ideas are welcome!! As many as you can!!


  1. Notebooks are awesome, but I have the same problem as you. Some ideas that you might like are:
    -A book log if you read a lot
    -Any questions that you have, (even if they are really random like: Will toes ever talk?)
    -Just a doodle notebook (I normally doodle in a boring class because it helps me concentrate)
    -What types of jobs you would like
    I hope I helped! :)

  2. Lady Grace says:

    Draw, write stories, or write poetry. Or maybe use it as a diary or a journal. I don’t know, maybe you shouldn’t buy so many, or limit yourself to a few ’til they’re full.

  3. I normally write my dreams in one and I keep another for when I feel like writing but I don’t know what. So I just re write important lyrics and poems to inspire me.

    Could you answer my question please?

  4. Insert Evil Laugh Here says:

    Anything that comes to you. I, personally, want to be a fiction writer, so I write ideas in one of the 15 hidden notebooks in my room whenever I think of things.

    You could create characters, or draw things…

    You could also make diary/journal.

  5. Here’s some ideas: Diaries, family/favorite recipe books (I guess if you feel like hand writing/printing out and gluing them in), you could write poems or put your favorite poems in them, you could write stories, and…that’s all I got.

  6. u can write down all than u think is important and not 2 b forgotten

  7. Char ⚓ among the archives =) says:

    I love notebooks too, but I never want to use the pretty ones! I have boxes at home full of cheap exercise books that I used instead of my pretty notebooks :D

    If you’re a writer, you could write character profiles, setting profiles, any ideas that come to you, or any interesting lines/phrases/words you come across.

    Write down quotes that inspire you.

    Make lists of everything from your top 10 favourites of something, to your character’s top 10 favourites, to your shopping, homework, names you like.

    Write down things you’ve read and what you thought of them, or things you want to read and why.

    Write letters to people that you’re never going to send, telling them exactly how you feel.

    Write something good that happens each day, or something that you learned.


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