what should i get mac or a dell?

i wan mac but my mum says dell HELP!!!!!


  1. Katherin Anna says:

    i recommend you 2nd. it is For gaming, surfing the internet and for watching video, other entertainment and for studies you can easily buy laptops on cheap price.

  2. Adorable says:

    Don’t get a Dell or MAC. If you need one get the Dell. MAC is overpriced and you can get so much more for your money if you shop around. Look at brands like HP, Asus, Acer, Sony, Gateway, etc. I’m just looking out for your best interest… hopefully you can save some money. Windows 7 is also an awesome operating system.

  3. I really wanted a Mac but then I thought. It has so many problems and unless you have apple care then you are fcuked! I work near my local apple store and the amount of people that bring in there mac is un real! PLUS if theres a problem with a normal computer then that is open to a lot of people who can fix it, otherwise if the mac breaks u gotta go to an apple dealer. Also the money difference is key here. you can get the same specs in a dell (or any other normal computer) as you get in a mac for over 50% less! so to be honest I would go for Dell as there service is very good and they have good computers!

    pretty much everything you do on a mac, u can do on any other computer so having a mac is just a fashion statement!

  4. Daniel W says:

    depends, Mac uses the MacOSX and dells mainly use windows OS. windows is more user friendly for those whom aren’t the most computer savvy, Mac has really nice graphics programs, but lacks a little on compatibility, windows is more prone to viruses, Both OS’s have their ups and downs, do some research. find out what games/ programs you use can be used on what OS and you will have your answer.

  5. Susan James says:

    Get a MAC

  6. personal.reaper says:

    I have a dell and a mac

    Dell requires a longer period to wake up and requires yearly internet security and mine crashes a few times or is slow with some software

    My Mac is quick waking up, doesn’t slow down with software and doesn’t require internet security as it is built in.

    Mac’s have there downsides such as being unable to run some software on it and being massively expensive but i personally think they save money in the long run.

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