What netbook/notebook should I get?

I want either a netbook or notebook for leisure and school. However, I still want a decent processor and decent RAM. I want it to be light, and no bigger than 14 inches. In terms of battery life, I need at least 6 or more hours. I have a budget of around 0-0.

Right now, I’m looking at the Acer Aspire TimelineX AS3820T-7459 13.3"


  1. I would advice you to buy a tablet pc instead. but if it is a notebook you want, then i would probably support you with the Acer Aspire TimelineX AS3820T-7459 13.3"

  2. Gerry Attric says:

    Don’t bother with a netbook, the screen and keyboard are far too small for extended use.
    Stick with laptops with a reasonable screen size, and of course you get a DVD/CD player, unlike netbooks.

  3. Wow! Just a week or so ago I did several hours of research for a friend of mine whose requirements were exactly the same as yours, and I came up with the exact same laptop. I’d say go for that one.


  4. Owen Murphy says:

    If you had a bigger budget i would suggest a 13inch Macbok Pro but get a noteboook!

  5. you Should Consider geting An acer Eee net book

  6. Oh, there are many new notebooks under $700 that will do.

    I tried to ask your question at SalesClark (www.salesclark.com). I typed: "I want a notebook for school under $700. With a screen max. 14 inches and 6 hours of battery life." Is this what you meant? SalesClark found 86 different laptops currently available in online shops, so maybe you should add what else you want to do (internet? music? DVDs?).

    The cheapest option found was Acer Aspire ONE 532H-2223 (starting at $263).

    The laptop with best user and expert reviews was Lenovo IdeaPad U150 6909 for $548. It has a dual processor and 2 GB RAM. You probably won’t find more than 2 GB RAM if you have a small and inexpensive notebook with a long battery life.

    But you have some good options:-)

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