What laptops are compatible with WiMax?

I want to buy a laptop and I want to know which laptops are compatible with WiMax or have WiMax installed in them?


  1. tthatoneguyy says:

    what is WiMax???

  2. All manufacturers have Wi-Max capable laptops. Some have it built in. Those will be advertised on the box or in the store. WiMax typically requires a subscription to a telecom company (like AT&T or Verizon) and when you buy the laptop at your retailer they’ll want you to sign up for a year or two year long contract with the telecom company that sponsors the hardware installed.

    In addition, nearly any commercial laptop in today’s market can be turned into WiMax enabled by buying a separate card that fits in its PCI slot or by buying an external WiMax router that supports Wi-Fi.

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