what laptop will play sims 2?

will Toshiba satellite L350-170 play it?
& who has a vista laptop that plays it…tell me what laptop you have please


  1. I have the Sims 2 and Seasons EP both on my Sony Vaio NR-32MS Vista laptop. It works absolutely fine. The game play is good and fast and with Seasons it still works up to speed. Downloading stuff to the game is good too from the Sims2 website. Overall it is good on my Vista laptop. I don’t know whether your Toshiba will play but i think if it is Vista it should. At the end of the day i think it just depends on the Windows versions and not the make of the laptop. In other words if my Sims 2 game works on my Vista laptop then it will more than likely do on your Toshiba. :-)

  2. We have an XPS M1730 laptop (for gaming), with a Vista program and Sims 2 works fine on it. Anything from XP to Vista should play the Sims 2 fine.

  3. depending what kind of sims. if its pc or dvd.
    should b in the right bottom corner…
    any laptop would play it aslong as it has a dvd/cd drive

  4. Out Of Prozaic says:

    Yeah, but it will be pushed a little.

  5. i have windows vista on my laptop which is an acer not sure which model…but it has to be a laptop with a DVD reader because the sims 2 is on a dvd game like thingy

  6. Sheila K says:

    I have a vista laptop and it won’t play! I can get it started but it freezes up, crashes, and glitches. Most laptops won’t play it (especially if they’re running on vista) the game is too big and it can’t handle it.
    I have an Acer Aspire 5320-2274 if that’s important.

  7. andybonhelsing says:

    Vista laptops can play it but vista laptops are pretty slow but you can still play it on them

  8. any laptop will play it as long as it’s not an apple
    you will need a different game for it to run on apple.

    i have vista, but Roller Coaster Tycoon wouldn’t play on mine, it just didn’t do anything. so i never tried to put sims on it. but my brother put sims on his (he also has vista) and it worked perfectly.

    if you’re asking this question as to weather you should not buy the laptop just because sims wont work.. then buy it anyway because its only sims.
    but if your buying the game i’m sure they wil have made changes to the game to make sure it definitely works on vista

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