What is the newest iPad?

Okay, what is the newest iPad? iPad 3?
And is there going to be another release, soon? As in, next five months?


  1. Yes that is the newest one but no; to my knowledge it will be a while before another release as IOS 6 has just been released as well as the iPhone 5! And the release of the iPod touch 5 and iPod nano 7 have been publicised! So I doubt apple would release another that could potentially take business away from their other products! However it is a possibility that apple announce a new product before the Christmas rush or at new year time so you can ‘pre order’ it! But that’s only a suspicion!

  2. Apple iPad MD328LL/A (16GB, Wi-Fi, White) NEWEST MODEL is AWESOME. I have a friend that just got a brand new iPad 2 and we compared the resolutions side by side, and the difference is slight, but noticeable. If you have the iPad 2, it’s useless to get the 3.. just my opinion.

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