What is the measurement for laptops ?

I’m getting a 17.3 " screen laptop and was wondering weither it is measured diagonally or horizontally


  1. GirlsDeadMonster says:

    Diagonally. 17.3 is a good size for a desk top replacement, will that be too bulky and heavy to transport around though?

  2. As Harry Potter once said "Diagonally" lol…

    Start measuring from the bottom right hand corner.
    Measure the distance to the top left hand corner.
    Do not measure the plastic surrounding the LCD. Only measure the LCD area. ☺

  3. SlightlyDusty says:

    It is diagonal from one corner of the screen to the direct opposite screen corner

  4. Papa Lazarous says:

    All laptop screens, monitors and TV’s are now measured diagonally.

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