What is the better laptop?

I’m starting uni and will be studying Computer Games Technology and need a new laptop, I have a budget of £700 max to spend on the laptop/desktop, it needs to be powerful and be able to play high end games – low/medium/high settings it doesn’t bother me;






^ (the bottom spec deskptop)
Also open to any suggestions, thanks in advance!! :)


  1. I would Prefers to go with dell 15r laptop

  2. cold device says:

    everything’s better than Apple.

  3. Jordan Elderkin says:

    If your looking for a budget laptop that has a great high performance specifications as well as plently of built in features I highly recommend you take a look at these laptops all accompanied with easy to understand reviews

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    Toshiba Satellite C660-1J2 15.6” High Performance Budget Laptophttp://digitalgadgetsworld.co.uk/laptops-notebooks-pcs/laptops/toshiba-satellite-c660-1j2-15-6-inch-laptop

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